Becca Harper has had a rough day.  She tanked onstage at the comedy club, got a ticket on the way home, and even yelled at a kid in a wheelchair.  After falling asleep in the tub with half a beer in one hand and some string cheese in the other, she discovers she’s not alone in the loft condo she’s house-sitting for her sister.  A spider the size of a Volkswagen Beetle is in her brother-in-law’s office and it wants out!

SPIDER is a novella and it’s available in PDF format for e-readers exclusively on this site FREE OF CHARGE.  If you enjoy it, I hope you’ll come back and try one of my novels.


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*NOTE: SPIDER contains some adult content.



caster_final_cover_200MURDER, MAYHEM, ROCK-N-ROLL!

Joseph Miles’ rock band, Caster, is winding down after a decade spent trying to remain relevant. On his way to Caster’s farewell performance, Joseph stops at a small Mississippi pawn shop to check out the guitars. When he carries a beat up, old six-string out the door, he has no idea that the instrument is harboring a spiritual fugitive. This dark manifestation of a people’s suffering soon possesses him and sets about using him to exact its revenge. Now it’s up to Joseph’s wife, Della, and his best friend, Milt, to save Joseph before the thing inside him kills them all.


Caster is available in paperback and for Kindle exclusively at Amazon.  As an exclusive, Prime members can “borrow” the Kindle version free of charge, and Kindle Unlimited subscribers can download it as part of their subscription.



*NOTE: CASTER contains some adult content.

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Visit the Letters From Krampus web site here for free downloads, a history of Krampus, and more!

Krampus was once the right hand of the Claus.  Now, he’s just a fading memory who’s been banished from the North Pole Corporation and left to rot in his cave house while the NPC CEO casts him in the role of the Yuletide scapegoat.  When he discovers that the Claus has disappeared, Krampus rallies his forest friends and the children of the world to save him!

Told through a series of annual letters written to a young girl named Peregrine, LETTERS FROM KRAMPUS is a different take on your favorite holiday tales.

Lushly illustrated with 20 paintings by Thomas Raven, LETTERS FROM KRAMPUS is sure to earn an esteemed place among your family’s favorite holiday traditions.


Letters From Krampus is available exclusively at Amazon.  As an exclusive, Prime members can “borrow” the Kindle version free of charge, and Kindle Unlimited subscribers can download it as part of their subscription.

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*NOTE: LETTERS FROM KRAMPUS is 100% family-friendly.





August Brumbelowe goes off in search of himself after the civil war takes his father’s leg and his family’s pride. He thinks he’s found peace in the Oklahoma territory town of Spruce Rocks, but then the people around him begin to die in gruesome and inexplicable ways. Mr. Deerson, the old Chickasaw apothecary who rents Gus a room, claims the deaths are the work of an ancient shadow demon. Gus doesn’t believe in demons, but he knows that he’s going to have to find the real perpetrator before he and the woman he loves become the killer’s next targets. He sets out to rid the territory of this scourge with the only people who will help him–a Chickasaw medicine man in training, a Japanese blacksmith, and a foul-mouthed tomboy. Will they escape the nightmare they find themselves in, or will it end up destroying them all?

Publisher’s Weekly calls Creech a “skillfully written Weird Western”, and says “this gritty tale of demonic forces at work in the Wild West is helped by well-drawn characters and taut pacing.”

The e-book version of Creech is currently available exclusively at Amazon.  As an exclusive, Prime members can “borrow” the novel free of charge, and anyone can purchase it at the link below.

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The recording of Beethoven’s “Moonlight” sonata (the first movement of sonata number 14 in C sharp minor) was performed by Paul Pitman for Museopen.

*CREECH contains some adult content.





Agent Robert Wheeler, a  helicopter pilot for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, believes that life has treated him unfairly.  He’s about to see just how bad things can get.  On loan to a rural Sheriff’s Department, he’s kidnapped and held hostage in an elaborate compound underneath Blood Mountain.  He thinks his captors are run of the mill pot growers but they claim to be from the distant future on a mission to save the accumulated knowledge of all mankind.  Agent Wheeler has to stay alive long enough to determine the truth and make a decision that could alter the course of human existence.


Blood Mountain is available exclusively as an audio book.  It can be downloaded free of charge at the link below.

BLOOD MOUNTAIN Audio Book(230 Mb):

*BLOOD MOUNTAIN contains some adult content.