August Brumbelowe goes off in search of himself after the civil war takes his father’s leg and his family’s pride. He thinks he’s found peace in the Oklahoma territory town of Spruce Rocks, but then the people around him begin to die in gruesome and inexplicable ways. Mr. Deerson, the old Chickasaw apothecary who rents Gus a room, claims the deaths are the work of an ancient shadow demon. Gus doesn’t believe in demons, but he knows that he’s going to have to find the real perpetrator before he and the woman he loves become the killer’s next targets. He sets out to rid the territory of this scourge with the only people who will help him–a Chickasaw medicine man in training, a Japanese blacksmith, and a foul-mouthed tomboy. Will they escape the nightmare they find themselves in, or will it end up destroying them all?


Publisher’s Weekly calls Creech a “skillfully written Weird Western”, and says “this gritty tale of demonic forces at work in the Wild West is helped by well-drawn characters and taut pacing.”

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CREECH for Kindle

*CREECH contains some adult content.